The ParkPals Playground Is Closing

ParkPals will be closing its gates on September 30, 2018. Thank you to the visitors who’ve laughed and learned on our virtual playground.

If you’re looking for other free resources for children’s downtime that reinforce social-emotional skills, check out the mindfulness audio sessions on our Mind Yeti website or these classroom activities.

All About ParkPals

ParkPals is a game that takes you into a charming world of cute critters to learn respect, responsibility, and relationship skills. With each mini-game, gain the social smarts needed to be kind. Begin by creating and naming your critter; will it have long ears and a top hat, or big eyes with sunglasses? Next you’re off to discover the fun and friendly world of ParkPals.
  • A kid-friendly world for ages 7–9
  • Privacy protected, no child data is collected
  • FREE! No external links, advertising, or in-app purchases
  • Single-player game that provides a safe environment

shot of creature being created in game

Fun and Friendly

Explore the FUNdamentals of friendship in this whimsical world full of crazy critters. Venture through four different mini-games and build valuable social skills, then head to the virtual playground to put your critter’s skills to the test. Be sure to play all four mini-games: Fair and Square, Responsibility Response, Respect Detector, and Safety Hop.

  • Earn points for responsible choices
  • Travel through a colorful world
  • Enjoy spirited sound effects
  • Listen to fun songs


Focusing on bullying prevention, ParkPals aims to create a safe and supportive environment for kids. Research shows that a safe and supportive environment helps prevent bullying. In ParkPals, players get the chance to help stop bullying in the game’s park by using the skills they learn from each mini-game. The game’s bullying prevention skills focus on:

  • Respectfulness: Doing and saying kind things
  • Responsibility: Doing the right thing
  • Fair Play: Sharing, trading, taking turns
  • Safety: No one’s feelings or bodies get hurt

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Parent's Choice Award

ParkPals Won a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award!



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Play the ParkPals game on your laptop or desktop computer, and start exploring this captivating world with your students or children.

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Supported browsers include the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge (Windows), and Safari (Mac).

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