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ParkPals is a game that takes you into a charming world of cute critters to learn respect, responsibility, and relationship skills. With each mini-game, gain the social smarts needed to be kind. Begin by creating and naming your critter; will it have long ears and a top hat, or big eyes with sunglasses? Next you’re off to discover the fun and friendly world of ParkPals.
  • A kid-friendly world for ages 7–9
  • Privacy protected, no child data is collected
  • FREE! No external links, advertising, or in-app purchases
  • Single-player game that provides a safe environment

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Fun and Friendly

Explore the FUNdamentals of friendship in this whimsical world full of crazy critters. Venture through four different mini-games and build valuable social skills, then head to the virtual playground to put your critter’s skills to the test. Be sure to play all four mini-games: Fair and Square, Responsibility Response, Respect Detector, and Safety Hop.
  • Earn points for responsible choices
  • Travel through a colorful world
  • Enjoy spirited sound effects
  • Listen to fun songs

Focusing on bullying prevention, ParkPals aims to create a safe and supportive environment for kids. Research shows that a safe and supportive environment helps prevent bullying. In ParkPals, players get the chance to help stop bullying in the game’s park by using the skills they learn from each mini-game. The game’s bullying prevention skills focus on:
  • Respectfulness: Doing and saying kind things
  • Responsibility: Doing the right thing
  • Fair Play: Sharing, trading, taking turns
  • Safety: No one’s feelings or bodies get hurt


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Parent's Choice Award

ParkPals Won a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award!

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For the best experience, download the ParkPals tablet app to discover a fun, whimsical world that teaches you about kindness.

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